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Our Mission

Chicago Cat Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and adoption of homeless cats and kittens, and to the education of their human companions.

Adoption Policy

Why adopt from a foster based organization? Every animal is unique, and because our cats and kittens are cared for in private homes, we feel we truly get to know what makes each of our cats so special.  We rely on our foster families to educate us about the personalities and temperaments of the cats in their care.  Is their foster cat outgoing or chill?  High energy or more sedentary? In need of a feline companion, or happier to be the queen of the castle?  We learn so much about our cats, and we are able to share all that information with you!  Armed with this knowledge, we feel we are uniquely able to help you find your furry soul mates!

Sadly, there is a limited amount of information that can be learned about animals living in cages.  When you visit our cats and kittens in their loving foster homes, you'll be privy to a wealth of information, that can only be acquired through the experience of living with a furry companion.  Our foster parents are truly t

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Recommended Pets