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CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation

Chicago, IL

Our Mission

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation 501(c)3 has been established to provide urgent medical, surgical and fostering resources for non-terminal and terminal animals in need of safety, healing and the relief of pain and suffering when time is of the essence and resources are scarce. CARF works independently and in conjunction with other responsible rescue organizations. CARF advocates for proactive legislation to prevent and punish animal abuse, supports animal awareness campaigns targeting at-risk children and adults, sponsors animal assistance programs for marginalized individuals, and funds educational programs to enlighten future generations for the betterment of animal welfare and responsible animal stewardship.

Adoption Policy

We are a foster based rescue so most of our animals are living in different foster homes in the Chicago area,

All kittens are either adopted in pairs or to a home with an age appropriate cat buddy (8 and younger usually). Some kittens are only adopted with a bonded buddy.

There are some single adults that can be adopted as a single.

Adoptions fees cover spay/neuter, vaccines to date, microchipping, deworming and whatever medical care that was required before adoption. Most kittens will need at least one more vaccine booster shortly after adoption (some need two) and a rabies vaccine.

Adoption Fees:

Kitten pair - $200
Single kitten - $125
Single adult - $95

Please email us at if interested in adopting.  Our adoption fee for cats is $95, kittens is $125 each and $200.00 for a pair of kittens.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets