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Second Chance Pet Rescue


Our Mission

SCPR rescues adoptable animals to help them find forever homes. Many of our animals are rescued from local "kill" shelters where they may be just hours away from death. Some are purebred and some are mixes, but all these animals have plenty of love to give, if you will open your heart and your home.
There are many reasons why people adopt pets from us. Sometimes we have just the pet they have been looking for and cannot find in their area. Sometimes they like the information that we can provide about the pets we care for. Sometimes they like the fact that our pets have been cared for in a loving, healthy home environment and are eager to return that love. Sometimes they like the fact that we take the animal back if there is ever a problem.
We make a lifetime commitment to our animals. They know that if they adopt from us and it does not work out, they do not have to face terrible alternatives. Also they like to know that the pet has had every medical need cared for before s/he is adopted. Others believe in our philosophy and want to help our animals. Whatever the reason we are very grateful to all of the people who have given such wonderful lives to our animals.
We have a lifeline of vets, professional trainers and a groomer who are ready to help at any time. We want all adoptions to be a great experience for both you and the pet. When pets come to us they enter a safe haven where they are loved and cared for until their forever home is found. They become our priority. We give them a name if they don't have one, take them home and start loving them as they learn to trust again. Many of them require extra care.
All of our pets have been affected in some way by their circumstances. Adopting a rescue pet means taking a possibly neglected, abused and definitely needy pet and making a sincere COMMITMENT to properly care for and love him or her UNCONDITIONALLY for the rest of their life.

Adoption Policy

We are committed to finding the right home for our animals, and have developed our adoption policies based on our years of experience with rescuing and adopting out dogs and cats. Not everyone who applies to adopt will be approved. We do the best we can to match prospective adopters with the right animal.
We get to know our animals well and are very successful with training and re-training for behavioral modification. When you get a pet from us, there are no surprises. We pride ourselves on being completely honest with prospective owners, so as not to unduly stress the pet by having it returned 2 or 3 weeks later.
All of our animals are returnable for the life of the pet, although we have a very low return rate, because we take the time to match pets with people for the best possible life for both of you. We have medical care done by our very competent vets before adopting pets out. Our pets are adopted with full disclosure of known health conditions.
Usually we pay more in vet bills for these pets than we recover in their adoption fees. The difference comes out of our pocket, another reason why we are very selective about the homes our pets go to.
Any pet you get from us over the age of 4 months will be sterilized and current on all vaccinations. We also require that any currently owned pets be sterilized.

Adoption Requirements
To be considered for adoption, you must:
• For renters, have a paid pet deposit, written landlord permission, and a one-year minimum lease.
• Have a fenced yard, or sizeable acreage with a containment system, such as field fencing or an invisible fence system, if adopting a dog.
• Be willing to have a home/yard inspection before adoption.
• Sign a legally binding adoption form/care contract at the time of adoption.

Surrendering a Pet

There are many reasons people find themselves in a situation where they can no longer care for their pet. While we always try to help in these situations, sometimes we simply don't have the room to take the animal in. If you feel you are going to be in a position where you need to re-home your pet, timely action is the key.
While we might not have room to take your pet into one of our foster homes, we can list your altered, fully vaccinated pet on our website and screen potential adopters for you while you wait for a space to open up. We cannot guarantee a space, as we are a group of private foster homes and do not own/operate a shelter facility of any kind. We will try to help you.
This form is ONLY for persons who have spoken directly to an SCPR representative, and have made arrangements to surrender their pet to SCPR.

Foster a pet:

We are always in need of foster families, so that we can save more animals. Rescued animals need temporary shelter, care and love while waiting for their forever families. Some need a few nights' stay until they get adopted, others need a home until they reach an adoptable age or recover from trauma.
You supply a loving home and a second chance at life, and we take care of all medical care, adoptive family screening, advice and support. Please click here to download a foster care volunteer application.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets