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All God's Creatures Animal Shelter

Mount Pleasant, IA

Our Mission

Connecting the hands and paws of all God's creatures in Henry County to build a happier, healthier community.

All God's Creatures (AGC) is a non-profit community initiative of First Presbyterian Church for the welfare of animals and people. We see an immense need for an animal shelter in Henry County. We also see the need to befriend socially isolated neighbors like the elderly, veterans,
the incarcerated, and disabled. We believe our shelter and volunteer programming will give hope, purpose, and friendship as we connect paws and people.

Adoption Policy

While we are a rescue, we require potential adopters to fill out our questionnaire prior to setting up a meet and greet with a pet in care. Once we receive that we have a conversation with them over the phone to determine "pre-approval" for a certain animal. Most of the time they are approved, and we set up a time for them to meet at the fosters house, or our unrenovated building to determine if the animal is a great fit. If they would like to take the animal home and the animal is ready, they can take the animal home the same day. They read and sign the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee, and off they go! We are currently working on follow up support for adopters to utilize.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets