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Mason City Stray Animal Shelter

2750 Birch Drive
Mason City, IA 50401

Our Mission

The Mason City Stray Animal Shelter is co-located with and managed by the Humane Society of North Iowa.  Together, both organizations provide top quality care for hundreds of animals each year!  Our shelters are always in needs of volunteers to help us socialize and exercise our animals; please visit us anytime!

The Mason City Stray Animal Shelter takes in animals that are found as stray in the city limits of Mason City, IA. Animals are held for 7 days waiting for an owner to come claim them.  If they are not claimed within 7 days, they are made available for adoption!  

Many of the animals in the Mason City Stray Animal Shelter were once someone's pet and they are looking to be someone else's pet again!  Come and meet all our animals and give a shelter pet a "new leash" on life!

Adoption Policy

When you adopt an animal from us, you are really saving two lives!  Not only the animal you’ve just adopted, but also the life of a second animal that can come into our shelter because you’ve just created kennel space for them! 

When considering adding a new pet to your family remember, “Don’t shop….ADOPT!”

Mason City Stray Animal Shelter Adoption Fees

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets