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Our Mission

We rescue and place bunnies, of all ages, conditions, and breeds. We believe in helping adopters to learn bunny care skills to give them the best chance at a long, happy, and healthy life for buns and owners. All adopters have the opportunity to learn grooming and long coat care from us, and we help to connect adopters with healthy food choices and info and rabbit-safe housing supplies. We believe in education for owners and placing bunnies carefully in the right fit homes, to ensure a long and happy forever home for our rescue buns

Adoption Policy

1. Application: All adopters are required to fill out a questionnaire, including 2 references, one from a veterinarian,
2. Phone interview
3. Bunny/Adopter meet.
4. Adoption: Once all requirements have been satisfied and we are sure the adopter is a good fit, has spacious and bunny-friendly housing, and the means to provide for and keep the bunny long term, we accept an adoption fee and home the bunny with their new owner.
5. Returns: We will always take bunnies back in any circumstance, though we expect our adopters to really put in the effort to build a good home and relationship, if circumstances make it so your bunny cannot stay with you, we prefer they come back to us, to be safely placed with a suitable, permanent home. If a bunny isn't a good fit, we will take back any bunny we placed until a new home is found.

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