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Love a Cat Charity

Pearl City, HI

Our Mission

Love A Cat Charity adds quality to the lives of unwanted cats by caring for feral and abandoned felines, spaying or neutering them, and when appropriate, adopting them to loving homes in an effort to help end euthanasia of healthy felines.

Adoption Policy

Our cats and kittens are advertised on our website and facebook page. When possible we share our facebook posts on other local animal rescue pages to increase exposure. Potential adopters are screened using a questionnaire ( , interviewed (to be sure this is a good match), information is verified (e.g. confirming lease allows for pets, confirming existing veterinarian, etc.), a meet-and-greet is scheduled and if everything checks out - the pets are adopted. A contract is signed with the adopter promising that they will keep the cat/kitten as an indoor-only pet and that if anything in their circumstances changes they will return the cat to us before surrendering to a shelter or abandoning them.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets