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We are a no-kill animal rescue organization that represents a large and growing number of Americans who deplore the practice of destroying healthy, adoptable animals for the purpose of emptying the cage they occupy  for a new arrival. We rescue primarily from area kill shelters, have them fully vetted, place them in foster homes and adopt them into loving homes.



Owner turn-ins are on the rise. 

We recognize that there are valid circumstances in people’s lives where they have to give up their dog and you called us because you hoped we could help. Trust us, we wish we could help that dog in need.

So please understand that when you call and ask us to take your dog today or it is going to the shelter – that just is n

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Want more information on one of our pets?  

For more info, please text/call Kristen at 770-846-2011 or email her:

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Recommended Pets