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Our Mission

The mission of Ahimsa House is to provide emergency pet safe housing, veterinary care, pet-related safety planning, legal advocacy, a 24-hour crisis line, outreach programs, and other services to help the human and animal victims of domestic violence across Georgia reach safety together In families affected by domestic violence, pets are also at risk. Abusers threaten, injure, and kill family pets to terrorize others in the home--yet most domestic violence shelters are unable to allow pets to accompany their owners to safety. Nearly 50% of individuals delay escaping the abuse because of concern about their pets. At Ahimsa House we envision a world where people and animals live free from domestic violence.

Adoption Policy

While our main goal is to reunite pets with their owners, between 6 and 10% of the time, clients decide that they are not able to provide for the wellbeing of their pet. So, due to no fault of their own, sometimes the pets in our program need a little help finding their new forever home. Our adoptables are all survivors of domestic violence who are ready to find their next furrever home. When you email an inquiry, you'll be given access to the adoption paperwork. From there we will reach out to your references and coordinate the dates of your two week trial period. We offer a two week trial during which if at any point you decide the pet is not a good fit, we are happy to take them back and continue their search for a loving home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets