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Hootie's Haven Animal Rescue Inc.

Cedartown, GA

Our Mission

Mission and Vision
The mission and vision for Hooties Haven Animal Rescue is to save dogs of all sizes and all breeds by placing them into loving, forever homes. We are an all-volunteer, foster home based, certified 501(c)(3) dog rescue organization based in Rome, Georgia. We do not have a physical shelter.  Instead, we operate primarily through our foster homes, online databases and at adoption events/expos.
The majority of our animals come from animal control groups from across the Northwest Georgia region, where overcrowding and overpopulation lead to the euthanasia of millions of healthy, friendly pets every year.
We are committed to providing the dogs that come into Hooties Haven Rescue with the best possible care while they wait for their forever homes by acclimating them to life outside of a shelter and providing the appropriate veterinary care needed.
We also serve our community and adopters by educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership with an emphasis on the need for spaying and neutering.
We never euthanized animals due to space or time constraints, but we may elect to euthanize in the event of a severe, untreatable/debilitating illness or extremely dangerous behavioral concerns.  Because we do not kill to make space, however, we cannot take in every animal that needs help.
Because our foster homes are the backbone of Hooties Haven, and to help our organization run smoothly, it is our goal to provide the best experience possible. We encourage each foster home to be as involved as they are comfortable with and allow them the freedom to foster based on their needs, restrictions, or desires.

Adoption Policy

Usually, we will take applications during a specific window of time (please refer to each pets posting). Once the application window closes, we will take the next few days to process all the applications we receive and will then be in touch to set up meet and greets with approved adopters. The amount of applications we receive determines how long it takes us to process them all. On average, it takes about a week.
Hootie's Haven reserves the right to deny an application for any reason.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets