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Our Mission

All of our cats have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and have received negative combo tests, unless noted otherwise. Potential adopters must be willing to provide indoor homes, and if for any reason an adoption does not work out, the cat or kitten is to be brought back to Floyd Felines.

Adoption Policy

Please read the adopter responsibilities below to be sure you can comply with each. Send us your name, address, phone number current vet you use, number of other pets in the household and what type, and if there are children in the house and ages if any. Also note, that these are all inside only cats. Our cats have different adoption fees from $150 and up. When you send us this information, we will call you and discuss setting up a meet and greet with the cat.

I, the adopter, agree to the following terms and conditions. (initial each item)
1. ____ If this cat does not adapt to my home, or I cannot keep the cat FOR ANY REASON, I will
contact “Floyd Felines Inc” immediately, to relinquish the pet back to the organization. I will never
give custody of this cat to anyone else, including animal control.
2. ____I agree to care for the cat in a humane and responsible manner and to provide him/her with
clean and adequate shelter, food, water, and veterinary care. I agree that the cat shall reside
inside my home and shall not be allowed to roam freely
3. ____From the date of this contract, I agree to assume full responsibility for the veterinary care for
this cat. This includes an annual examination, routine vaccinations, tests, and flea control.
4. ____ I agree to provide notification to “Floyd Felines Inc” within 14 days of any change of
address, phone number, or any circumstances that will affect this cat.
5. ____ I agree not to abuse or neglect this cat, and under no circumstances, will physically punish
this cat. I understand abuse includes but is not limited to declawing of the front and/or back paws.
Rather, I will consult with “Floyd Felines Inc”, my veterinarian or trainer to learn how to best deal
with any behavioral issues.
6. ____ I consent to the examination of this cat at any time by “Floyd Felines Inc”, and acknowledge
that Floyd Felines Inc has the right to reclaim this cat at any time, for failure to comply with the
terms of this contract, or for any misrepresentation of fact made on the adoption application or in
this contract.
7. ____ I understand that the adoption fee is non refundable.
8. ____ I understand that this is a legal and binding contract, and by my signature, agree to all of the
terms herein.
9. ____ I confirm that all information in this contract is correct and accurate. I also understand that
once the contract is signed and I have taken possession of the animal, I will be solely responsible
for any actions of this animal, and I agree to hold harmless “Floyd Felines Inc” and its
representatives from any liabilities, injuries, or loss caused by this animal, or any causes of
actions, claims, lawsuits or demands that should arise from injury, damages, or losses. In the
event that the terms of this contract are breached, I, as the guardian of this pet, shall owe “Floyd
Felines Inc” the sum of $1000 for liquidated damages, and will be responsible for all attorney’s
fees, and court costs involved, as well as returning the animal to “Floyd Felines Inc”.

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