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Gauntt Farm Antics Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Oxford, GA

Our Mission

It is Gauntt Farm Antics Rabbit Rescue, Inc.'s heartfelt mission to rescue abandoned, neglected, abused, sick and injured domesticated rabbits. For each rabbit to be vetted, vaccinated, spayed, neutered, rehabiliated and placed into forever loving homes.

Adoption Policy

Please make sure to fill out an application, and feel free to follow up with an email to
We do have some expectations and requirements for our adopters, but nothing is cookie cutter. We discuss and take into consideration that every family is different. None of our "rules" are blanket statements; they are more like guidelines.
For any issue or concern that arises we work with the family to find a solution to make sure that everyone is happy.
We help with bonding, i.e educational material as well as hands on; but we do not take your rabbit in and force bond here at our rescue. We believe that force bonding is too stressful and not a "true bond".

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets