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Atlanta Canine Adoption Project

Monticello, GA

Our Mission

ACAP is dedicated to the welfare of animals in need. We wish that we had the resources to help everyone who needs to find a new home for their dog/cat, but sadly we are a small group with limited human and fiscal resources.

If you need to find a home for your pet, we suggest that you contact SPOT. The web site is There is a link there with information on placing your pet.

We are a state-licensed, 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. We are an all-volunteer canine rescue organization located in the metro Atlanta area.

Our mission is to find loving homes for the deserving animals in our care and to provide community education to promote responsible pet ownership.

For donations, please click the link above the photo carousel. Thanks.

Adoption Policy

We are volunteers with full-time jobs, so please allow 24 - 48 hours for response to your inquiry.

The standard ACAP adoption process is as follows:

All applicants MUST fill out an ACAP application to begin the adoption process. Please e-mail completed applications to

We prefer applications from individuals at least 30 years of age or older. If we indicate that a dog is not appropriate for young children, we generally do not recommend that dog for families with children under five years of age.
Because we are licensed by the state of Georgia, we are also required to complete a home visit. We also check Vet references. ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE VET REFERENCES!

We suggest a one to two week trial period. This gives both you and the dog time to adjust to a new routine and to insure that the placement is working for all involved. We maintain frequent contact with you throughout the trial period.
When ALL PARTIES are ready to finalize the adoption, we will provide you with copies of the adoption contract and the dog's vet records. A CONTRACT MUST BE SIGNED FOR THE ADOPTION TO BE FINALIZED.

Please note that we fund the medical care, food and boarding costs from our own pockets. We are not subsidized by any state or national programs. The adoption fee marginally covers what we have spent in the case of a healthy dog. For those requiring surgery, dentals or other special procedures, our costs far exceed the adoption fee. We occasionally discount the fee on a case by case basis.

There are instances, particularly in the case of young puppies who cannot be released to their new homes right away, where we may request a non-refundable deposit. Unfortunately, this was implemented after several individuals completed the application process, other applicants were turned away, and these individuals "changed their mind" leaving the dog in question without a new home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets