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Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue

Marietta, GA

Our Mission

The Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue (“AWCR”) is a group of Weimaraner enthusiasts and owners in the Atlanta area.  The mission of the club is to provide Weimaraner owners with a place to meet folks that enjoy doing things with their Weimaraners.  In addition to the social aspect of the club, the Atlanta Weimaraner Club provides for the rescue, care, and adoption of lost, surrendered and homeless Weimaraners.  The AWCR assists in re-homing Weimaraners by providing foster homes.  The funds for the rescue program are raised through various fundraising events and donations.  The Club also provides public education on the breed and responsible dog ownership.

In establishing our non-profit organization, we are looking for dedicated Weimaraner owners.  Our rescue program is run strictly on a volunteer basis.  Please join this group of dedicated individuals who are the true heart of the organization by becoming a member and helping raise funds to rescue our gray (and blue) friends. We have a dynamic group that has come together to dedicate time and focus on rescuing dogs through friendship, fun and fellowship.

Adoption Policy

The Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue uses a common process in rescue program. You will find this to be the case with any reputable rescue organization. Potential homes are screened carefully to make sure they can provide an appropriate environment. We are glad to have phone conversations and communicate by email. We have a pre-adoption application, a vet check on current and prior animals, a home visit, and binding contract. All this would need to be done before placement.

All of our rescue dogs must be spayed or neutered. We do not place intact dogs. They must also be micro-chipped, with registration to be updated at time of adoption. Our dogs will be up to date with veterinary needs prior to adoption.

Patience is in order for most of our applicants. An appropriate Weim may or may not be available at this time. Sometimes we get a call for an owner-surrender or we may get a call from a shelter about an available dog. We encourage our owners who surrender to hold onto their dog if possible.

Recommended Pets

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