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M&B Farm & Hatchery, Inc.

630 Sloan Hill Rd
Hortense, GA 31543

Our Mission

We are different from most rescues. We are NOT an adopt for profit. What this means is, we don't take any animal in with the intent of just adopting them right back out ASAP. We work with each animal to find out what the animal likes or doesn't like.

Does the dog get along with other dogs and cats? Does the cat get along with other cats and dogs? We study the animal's temperament, and if the animal shows any signs of aggression.

We also specialize in special farm working dogs like Anatolian Shepherd, Black Mouth Cur, and Great Pyrenees just to name a few. We work countless hours to find out which dog is trainable with ducks, and chickens, and who works with goats, cows & pigs. We strive to find the hidden talents of these beautiful dogs.

What also sets us apart is how we care for all the animals. Shelters are not required to give animals the "diseases” shots like parvo and many others. We make sure that all the dogs & cats have a full checkup, if they have worms, we treat them, and we start them on flea and tick meds and prevention.

We start them on heartworm treatment or prevention. They are given their yearly shots or in the case of our puppies each one has had five rounds of puppy shots so far; they get their final shot in 3 weeks. Kittens get several rounds of shots as well.

Every pet that we rescue and adopt will have a microchip, animals get lost for many different reasons, however, having a microchip greatly increases the chances of your loved one coming home.

What's important to us is that any animal you adopt from us is as healthy as can be! However, some conditions are not known more so with stray dogs/cats but we try our hardest to make sure your next family member is on the right track for a long healthy life.

We include a full health record that includes when the animal received all the treatments including the serial numbers for shots. This makes everything easy when your new family member meets your vet you have a full record of health.

In many cases, this is why our adoption fee may be higher than other shelters. The care, health & well-being of the animals ALWAYS come first with us.

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Recommended Pets