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Binky On! Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Hahira, GA

Our Mission

Binky On! Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is a small 501c (3) non-profit organization created in 2012 by Jennifer Betts-Barfield and is staffed and run entirely by volunteers. We are the only rabbit rescue in South Georgia and currently house over sixty rabbits at our small facility which is quickly expanding.

Our mission is to work with our community partners in order to rescue, rehabilitate, spay and neuter, and re-home abandoned rabbits in need. Binky On! does not turn away any rabbit regardless of disability, illness, age, or temperament. In addition we believe in promoting public awareness about the issues domesticated rabbits face in our society today.

Adoption Policy

Once we receive your application, we contact your references and then discuss your setup with you. We ask, because of Covid-19, that you send us pictures or a video of your finished set up instead of a home visit. I am available for any questions during this process and have a list of items if you would like them. All rabbits must be kept indoors and in an x-pen. Once we verify your information and your setup, we approve your application. At this point, we make an appointment for you to visit the facility and choose a bunny that will fit well in your family. You need to bring a carrier with a fleece blanket or towel to take your bunny home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets