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Our Mission

to support and change the lives of cats and kittens trying to survive in a harsh world through no fault of their own.

How did the rescue start…?
The rescue started in June 2020, as soon as we got settled on our farm our new puppy got lost. We used a Facebook group to help find him. About a week later, on that same page a kitten was found and needed a place to go. Every rescue was full, and I knew we had to help pay it forward. Little did we know that was just the beginning. Here we are years later and many kittens and cats later still trying to help anyway we can.
Roxy was a kitten brought to us at just 6 weeks old but her body was taken over by bacteria. We got her fluids and a bath, cleaned her as best we could and fed her milk. She went to the vet to get examined and was given IV fluids and medications. She fought. She fought hard, but she was tired and finally was safe and loved in our home. She passed away just 36 hours after we got her.


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Recommended Pets