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Our Mission

THE MISSION OF PROJECT FREEDOM RIDE ?is to connect unwanted and abandoned dogs in TEXAS & GEORGIA with families and rescues in the NORTHERN US & BRITISH COLUMBIA.

Adoption Policy

Steps for potential adopters:
1) apply through our adoption inquiry link.
2) rescue reviews the applications, if the application looks fitting then ..
3) schedule a virtual interview / home check (video via Facebook, Facetime, Zoom, etc)
4) rescue does reference checks (this can come before or after the virtual interview)
5) if rescue approves family ... family will be asked to think about it and get back to the rescue within 24 hours with their answer. We do not like rush decisions which is why we do that. After the 24 hours we will start to review other applicants.
6) once everything has a green light with adoption, rescue will send adoption contract.
7) adopter would complete and sign and pay the adoption fee at that time to finalize and secure spot on next transport.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets