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Our Mission

Georgia Doberman Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit, volunteer organization, dedicated to rescuing and re-homing abandoned or homeless Doberman Pinschers from shelters or owners who have surrendered them. By working with volunteers, foster homes, veterinarians and trainers, we are able to place these dogs in loving temporary homes for assessment and rehabilitation, and then into carefully screened forever homes. We are an educational resource for the Doberman owner, and provide information on responsible pet ownership, good nutrition, positive behavioral training and the importance of spaying and neutering pe

Adoption Policy

Anyone interested in adopting must complete and submit an application to GDR for review. All potential adopters are thoroughly screened, interviewed and all references are checked. We also do a home visit to ensure that our rescues are provided a safe, healthy environment. Dobermans must never be chained or tied outside, and must always be primarily inside dogs. All adopted dogs must be kept current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. Adopters are required to keep GDR informed as to current address, phone number and/or any change in home or situation that could affect the adopted Doberman. If the adopter cannot keep the adopted dog in the specified manner for any reason, GDR must be notified and has discretion in reclaiming the dog.

Adoption Application

Please fill out the app completely and send it back to GDR at Make sure to follow all instructions as if anything is missing, it will slow down the application process. Photos of your home are required and must be submitted along with your application.

We offer our adoption application as a PDF or Word document 

Please visit our website to download

Adoption Process

Step 1 – Completely fill out the GDR application.

The application allows us to get to know your home and family situation and find the best match for you. When you submit your application, please also attach pictures of your home, inside and out, fence, etc. Please note that if you rent your home a signed and dated letter from your landlord or management company stating their approval of your decision to adopt a Doberman, must accompany your application.

Step 2 – Review and reference Checks

GDR will review your application and make the appropriate reference checks to veterinarians and if needed, personal references. Please be sure that you call your vet’s office and personal references and let them know that a GDR representative will be calling/emailing and that they have your permission to discuss relevant issues with us.

Step 3 – Home Visit and Meet and Greet

Once GDR has reviewed the application and completed the appropriate reference checks and if we feel that your home would be an excellent home for a Doberman, we will contact you to schedule a home visit. The home visit is an important part of our adoption process as this is where we get to know you and your family better, see your lifestyle and get a feel for how our rescued Doberman would fit in with your family and other pets. When possible, we will bring along or schedule a meet and greet for the dog in which you are interested or we feel is the best fit.

Step 4 – Board Review

GDR (board members) will review the above and make a decision. We will notify applicants regardless of our decision. If you are approved, we will then complete the appropriate adoption paperwork and finalize the adoption. When possible, one of our board members will meet with adopters to finalize the adoption in person.

When you adopt from GDR, the relationship doesn’t end there. We love to keep up with our Dobermans and their families. We want to be an ongoing resource for our adoptive families throughout the years. We want your Doberman to be a well loved, healthy and cherished member of your family, and we will do everything we can to ensure that.

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