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Conyers Hamster Rescue

Conyers, GA

Our Mission

To improve the lives of small rodents via rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and education.

We regularly work with hamsters, mice, and gerbils, and would work with less common rodents such as african pigmy dormice, african pigmy mice, zebra mice, spiny mice, duprasi, acacia rats, as well as others.

We do NOT accept guinea pigs, rabbits, degus, hedgehogs, chinchillas, or sugar gliders as surrenders.

Adoption Policy

We like to get to know our adopters to help place them with the right pet. A questionnaire will be sent to potential adopters in order to gauge basic care knowledge. If knowledge is lacking we are more than happy to educate and direct to resources to learn more. We require proof of enclosure and that the owner have a vet in mind should their pet need medical attention in the future. There is an adoption contract that adopters will need to sign stating that they will continue to provide living conditions that meet our standards, provide vet care when needed, and should the home no longer be able to care for the pet, that they will contact the rescue as we will always take back pets that have been adopted from us. After a pet has been adopted the rescue would prefer to stay in contact with adopters, whether it be through email correspondence should adopters have questions, or even if adopters wish to keep us updated regularly with photos and messages about their new friend on social media. We have an Instagram page where we would be happy to share photos and updates should adopters send them to us.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets