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Southeast Bloodhound Rescue

Carrollton, GA

Our Mission

We are an all volunteer foster based Bloodhound Rescue.

Our organizations first and foremost function is to help Bloodhounds that have found themselves homeless and to aide owners who, due to circumstances, cannot keep their bloodhound any longer. Our first priority is to those animals that find themselves in shelters and pounds with kill dates on their kennel cards. They always come first and they are the animals we organized to help.

We cover an extended area in the United States. We cover OH,KY,TN,GA,AL,MS,FL,NC,SC,Southern IN and West Virginia. All with a strictly volunteer staff. None of our volunteers receive any type of monetary compensation. Our only pay is the pleasure of seeing one of these great hounds find a new home and a new family. The real satisfaction is when you receive a letter, e-mail or a picture showing the dog in his new home with his new family and finding out he is in love with them as much as they are in love with him.


Southeast Bloodhound Rescue is the regional rescue for our parent breed club the “American Bloodhound Club” we are approved by them to conduct rescue operation using this affiliation. There are other regional rescues throughout the United States and these can be found on the American Bloodhound Club Web Site.

Southeast Bloodhound rescue is an approved non profit registered 501(c)3 public Charity. Many of the donations made to the organization are tax deductible on your federal tax. We have many affiliations with local shelters, pounds, private individual rescue organizations and cooperate with other breed rescues when needed. We belong to local rescue organization and government agencies all over the southeast and use our membership to promote the rescue and adoption of Bloodhounds at their events and on the web sites operated by these organizations.

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc. is an independent, non-profit public charity 501(c) corporation, recognized by The American Bloodhound Club, which helps re-home bloodhounds in need throughout the southeastern United States including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky,Tennessee. We also assist in regions currently without an organized bloodhound rescue. It was officially established June 2, 2000.

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue is desperately seeking foster homes in all eastern, southeastern and southern states, especially Kentucky,North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee and N Florida and parts of Mississippi.

Can you spare a space in your home for a homeless bloodhound? There’s no big skill set that’s required to foster bloodhounds….just compassion and a willingness to love these dogs and help them transition between their former circumstances and their forever homes. Due to the poor economy, scores of dogs are being turned in to shelters. Since their space is always limited, shelters have to adopt them out, get them to a rescue group like Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, or euthanize them. And we have to turn bloodhounds away because we don’t have foster parents to care for these dogs.

We also need volunteers to help transport dogs from one place to the next, to plan transports, to check references for applicants, and many other tasks listed on our website. Please sign up today…dogs are dying because there aren’t enough of us to help!

And we always need donations. We are an all-volunteer group that can’t cover medical expenses with adoption donations….can you spare a few dollars to help these dogs?

Thank you for your support!


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