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Our Mission

What is paradise to a feral cat? (We all know what paradise is to a house cat!..laps, toys, petting and ...dinner!) What happens to cats who live and breed outside and who's kittens become feral, approximately 1/2 of all American cats? Without organized caregivers this can become a tragic situation of surviving cats having many litters of kittens a year - these cats and kittens starve, can become unhealthy, are afraid of close human contact and make kind people wonder why somebody isn't doing something about it. Practicing humane TNR (trap/neuter/return) is what Paw! is about - we do it out of passion and conscience, saving tax payers many 1000's of dollars a year and have healthy (and fortunately dwindling numbers) of some very happy felines! Feral cats DO have a home – outdoors! 
Some of our colonies have abandoned sweet indoor cats that wait for the caretaker of the colony to arrive everyday and are able to be petted and picked up. These cats an

Adoption Policy

Please call or text Carina 678-467-3249
or email:

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