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A Welcome Home Animal Rescue

Atlanta, GA

Our Mission

To Do All We Can to Aid in the Rescue, Safety and Welfare of Stray and Abandoned Animals to end as much suffering as possible.

We realize we cannot save the world … but we can try by working with each rescued animal on an individual basis.

Adoption Policy

All adoptions will be in the metro Atlanta area only. We require a completed application, vet and personal references, a home visit (may be virtual if needed). A trial adoption is required before the final adoption is done, which means we allow you to have our dog or cat for a 2-week trial period to ensure all goes and is well (it usually is). Once that trial period is over, a final adoption is done. IF it is learned in that trial period that the dog or cat is not a fit, then the dog or cat is returned to AWHAR with a full refund of the adoption fee. If at ANY TIME the dog or cat cannot be kept by the adoptive family (even if years after the adoption), that animal is required to be returned to the rescue group, which is stated in our contract. We do not allow the adoptive home to give, sell, or adopt out that animal that was adopted by our rescue.

We require a completed application and vet references. If vet references are not available, other alternatives are explored, including a home visit prior to a decision. After the application is reviewed, a virtual or live interview is scheduled. The adopter(s) sign a contract that requires that the animal be returned to our rescue group if the adopter(s) decide to re-home the cat.

In certain circumstances, we provide a foster-to-adopt contract covering a two-week period with a possible extension of another two-week period. If either the adopter(s) or the rescue believes the cat is not a good fit for the family, the cat with be returned to the AWHAR Central Arkansas Chapter. The adopter(s) will have the choice of a full refund of the adoption fee or the conversion of the fee to a donation (a IRS donation letter will be provided).

We also have two primary conditions for cat adoption - the cat must be kept indoors and must NOT be declawed.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets