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Our Mission

To help those who have previously been failed by people to prosper in their second chance at happiness.

The focus of this rescue is to primarily help small dogs (under 20 lbs.) who have found themselves being held at shelters with high euthanasia rates. These are the dogs readily adopted from the shelter because they look cute; however, very often these dogs have health and/or behavioral issues that have caused them to be at the shelter. Those same issues sabotage their unsuspecting adopters and result in another failure, and each failure brings them closer to being labeled unadoptable. By fostering these dogs in a home, healing them, and observing their behaviors it's possible to be their voice and express what they need from an adopter greatly increasing their possibility of finding a forever home with someone who accepts and even welcomes their individual needs and unique personalities.

Adoption Policy

Because a home visit will be conducted, adoptions are limited to the greater Tampa Bay area -- no exceptions. Each dog will have unique requirements and preferences listed on their profile page based on their personality, temperament, behavior, and any known history. Requirements are necessary for the dog's welfare and are not negotiable. Age is a consideration in adoption -- both the dog's and the adopter(s). These dogs have already had at least one home failure, and the goal is to find them their loving family that will care for them for the rest of their happy days. Please review the complete listing and consider your ability to meet those wants and needs. Vet and personal references are required, and they will be called as part of the qualifying process. In cases where multiple applications for the same dog are received, the applicant(s) deemed to be the best fit for the dog will be given preference. Thank you for choosing to rescue and your patience navigating the rescue adoption process.

This is the typical sequence of events to an adoption:
Adoption application submitted
Phone conversation between foster parent and the potential adopter(s)
References checked
Home visit scheduled which will include a meet and greet with the dog
If the above goes well, adopter(s) will pick the dog up from the foster home
Note: An application may be declined at any step in the above process.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets