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Chalky's Cat Crusade Inc.

Tampa, FL

Our Mission

The mission of Chalky’s Cat Crusade Inc. is to humanely reduce the population of homeless cats in the City of Tampa through targeted Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR).

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) entails trapping, spay/neuter, vaccination, flea/parasite treatment and return to their original, safe, outdoor locations. TNVR is the most effective method of preventing cat overpopulation and the most humane.

When kittens or social cats are found in the field, we utilize fosters and local rescues for support. If a return location is for any reason unsafe, the cats are placed with an experienced socialization foster or relocated thru various means to a safe environment. Assuring the health & safety of cats, and homing the home-able are always a priority!

By empowering people to care for community cats and educating them about TNVR we are helping to reduce the number of homeless cats, and ultimately the number of cats being killed in America’s shelters. We also work closely with colony caretakers for health updates and alerts of new cats entering the colony.

TNR also ensures the cats’ health and welfare. Once these cats are sterilized, vaccinated and ear tipped they can live healthy, happy lives in their communities, where caring residents look out for them. Sterilization and vaccination provide a public health benefit to the community, too, a vast improvement over the failed trap-and-kill approach that’s been used for generations.

Adoption Policy

Chalky's Cat Crusade has a very thorough screening process as our goal to to assure our adoptable cats and kittens go to their PURRFECT furever home! Home checks, vet references, in person meet and greets etc. are required. After the adoption application is filled out, if the applicant seems like a possible fit we begin with a phone conversation and then set up in person meetings. Chalky's Cat Crusade reserves the right to decline applications if we do not feel that the candidate is a good match for any reason.

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