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Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida

Sun City Center, FL

Our Mission

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida is a 501c3 non-profit all-volunteer rescue that is registered in the State of Florida as a charitable organization. We are dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless and displaced Scottish Terriers in Florida.

Our motto is “Saving Scotties in the Sunshine State!” The best interests of the Scottie are always primary, as we serve as their advocate.

In order to accomplish this mission, Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida focuses on the following activities:
1. Rescue – rescue all Scotties that have been lost, abandoned or voluntarily surrendered by its owner.
2. Intake – take full legal possession of the Scottie by obtaining a signed release for owner surrender or through placement partnerships of various shelters. The Scottie is then transferred to one of our approved foster homes.
3. Care – it is the intention of the rescue to obtain care for any rescue Scottie prior to placement in an adoptive home.
a. Veterinary examination and all inoculations will be administered.
b. Any deficiencies in medical care will be identified before the Scottie is placed.
c. The rescue will ensure that all rescue Scotties are in good health at time of placement, when possible.
d. Spaying or neutering of all Scotties prior to adoption is mandatory unless age or medical condition delay surgery.
e. Rescue Fund will pay medical expenses for care prior to placement.
f. The rescue will provide full disclosure to the adoptive family of the Scottie’s known medical and behavioral history.

4. Placement – placement is at the discretion of the rescue and will be based upon the best match for the Scottie. The rescue will ensure that the following tasks are completed prior to placing a Scottie with a prospective adoption candidate.
a. Perform a home visit where all family members are present and interact with the Scottie.
b. Inspect the home with particular emphasis on the space that will be provided for the Scottie.
c. Ensure that the home will be safe for the Scottie.
d. Discuss with the family where the Scottie will be during the day, how many hours will be spent alone, where the Scottie will be kept at night and who will care for the Scottie when the family is away.
e. Ensure that the family understands the responsibilities of pet ownership and are prepared for the expense involved.
f. Obtain and check veterinary reference.
g. Obtain and check personal references if no veterinary reference is available.
h. All candidates will be required to sign an Adoption Agreement prior to taking possession of the rescue Scottie and an adoption donation is required.

Adoption Policy

If you are a Florida resident and would like to be considered for a future rescue adoption, please go to our website, and complete the Adoption Application form. We will let you know when your information is received. The approval process includes reference checks, phone interview and home visit.

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