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Compassion Kind

St. Petersburg, FL

Our Mission

is to cultivate compassionate change and minimize suffering for all kind through advocacy, education, disaster relief and community projects.

Adoption Policy

Compassion Kind is a 501c3 global humanitarian and animal welfare organization inspiring global citizens to extend their circle of compassion to all kind. We work with partners and volunteers on the ground in Puerto Rico to educate and reduce the suffering of animals due to natural disasters and the ongoing stray problem. A majority of our cats and dogs are from Puerto Rico, but we do take in occasional local owner surrenders as well. Once our animals are taken into our care, we assess their needs and how we can provide the best care and forever home for them. We begin their vetting process while in Puerto Rico and finish after they are flown and placed in foster care in Florida. All animals' vetting is completed by the time of adoption. During our foster process, we continue to analyze their behaviors and needs to help us find the best fit for them. Once we begin taking applications for each animal, we begin our screening process to see how each candidate may fit the specific animals needs. We then choose 2-3 potential candidates, as we don't want to overwhelm the cat or dog, for a meet and greet. Our meet and greets help the potential adopter and pet see if they are a great match! If the meet and greet goes very well, the potential candidate may move into our one week home trial. During the home trial, we do a home visit and check in to make sure that the dog or cat is adjusting well. At the end of the trial, if it is the perfect match, we move into adoption in which their individual adoption fee is paid and we transfer all records and paperwork to the adopter. Our animals are so important to us; we work hard to save them and we owe it to them to find the best life for them. We love to keep in touch with all of our adopters so we can continue to watch our cats and dogs flourish!

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