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Tender Heart Charities Inc.

1657 Georgetowne Blvd
Sarasota, FL 34232

Our Mission

We are a Private, In Home, 501(c)3, Small Animal Rescue. Our main focus, is Death Row, Abused, Neglected, Injured and Medically Needy Canines of ALL Breeds. We are NON-FUNDED and rely on our Adoption Donations, Fundraisers and Public Donations to help us care for Rescues. One of our Missions is to EDUCATE society on the IMPORTANCE of being A "RESPONSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE" Pet Parent, and the NECESSITY OF SPAY & NEUTER. Our Pet OVERPOPULATION "IS" controllable, and begins with the simple step to have your pet sterilized. Please JOIN US in our Quest to Eliminate Pet OVERPOPULATION AND THE MURDER OF 30,000 ANIMALS A DAY IN THE US SHELTER SYSTEMS. Help us fight for more strict PUNISHMENTS for those guilty of ANIMAL CRUELTY, ABUSE, NEGLECT AND BEASTIALITY. Those that can Hurt Voiceless & Helpless animals are CAPABLE OF ANYTHING. FELONY CONVICTION IS OUR GOAL for these kind of atrocities. WE pray for "MORE COMPASSION IN THE WORLD AND LESS EVIL". GOD BLESS

Adoption Policy

-The first step in Our process requires an Approved Application. This application can be found on our website click the adoptable link at the top and scroll to the bottom for the application.
-Second is We need people to do their research and understand the personality and needs of their breed of choice. Can you provide PROPER Medical Care.
-Meet & Greet, Is there an emotional connection with your rescue choice.
-If there are other pets, are they compatible.
-Adoption Donations. We provide the BEST CARE for our Rescues and this requires that we have funds to do so. Our Adoption Donations are $250 to $450. Some are More under certain circumstances.
-Follow Up. We will be in contact with new adopters to make sure all is well. Our Love and Devotion does NOT stop once our rescues are placed in their Furever Home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets