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Feline Canopy of Care, Inc.

Saint Augustine, FL

Our Mission

Feline Canopy of Care, Inc. is an all volunteer, foster based, non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to ending the suffering of abandoned cats and kittens. We promote the spay and neuter of animals over euthanasia to effectively manage overpopulation. We educate the public and provide resources so that the best care may be provided to all animals.

We are a No-Kill organization exclusively dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned and stray cats and kittens.

Adoptable kitties can be seen by submitting an application at

Our mission is to put an end to feline homelessness, neglect and abuse. Please visit our website to support our efforts.

Adoption Policy

Please visit our website at to read about policy and to complete an adoption application. Kittens-3years $145.00, 4-8years $110.00, Seniors $100.00 & Special breeds $200+

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets