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Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

Pompano Beach, FL

Our Mission

Our adoptable dogs are housed at Seiler and Summit Animal Hospitals. Please call 1-800-511-DOGS for more information.

2637 East Atlantic Blvd. Unit 269
Pompano Beach, Florida 33062


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NonProfit 100% Volunteer 501 (c) (3) charity to end the suffering of thousands of abandoned pet dogs, feral and breeding packs of dogs, by physical rescue in Southern Florida. Our organization is unique because of our dedication to the dogs truly in need, with no shelter, food and basic chance of survival. We seek out the tortured, sick and debilitated dogs, in the most remote areas of the Everglades, to end suffering and proliferation of dogs, not indigenous to these areas.

Our mission is to follow through with treating the rescued dogs medically, including sterilization and microchip identification. Also, to provide psychological training and placement in qualified homes. The rescue dogs homing procedure encompass's verification by home check of adopter, vet treatment verification of current pets, and an in-person interview, as well as a meeting between the future adopter and the rescue dog and the rescue dog and current pets in the home. Adoption of a healthy well adjusted dog is vital to our mission in preventing future abandonment.

The current battle to decrease the ever growing abandonment of pets and proliferation of breeding packs is an immense project. These dogs numbers are multiplying by hundreds weekly. We are dedicated to creating innovative projects and attending events to fund our mission. Also, educating the public by circulating written information, visiting community centers and speaking with locals in remote areas of Florida, to bring awareness of the tragedy of abandonment. From the day of dumping, onset of starvation and dehydration, infestation by parasites, death by ingestion, by other wildlife or reptiles, these dogs face unparalleled torture. For every dog we rescue and sterilize, we preempt future offspring from a life of hell on earth.

Adoption Policy

Please phone Everglades Angels Dog Rescue at 1-800-511-DOGS to meet our dogs, to foster or to adopt. 

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