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Our Mission

Sooty’s Sanctuary is a non-profit organization {501(c)(3) devoted to rescuing and re-homing pets. By providing animals sanctuary, our goal is for them to provide sanctuary for the hopes and dreams of their new families.

Adoption Policy

Step 1:
Email us at Please include the name of the pet you are interested in adopting and whether you have other pets in the home. We will send you our adoption application back as a Word file.

Step 2:
Email the completed application back to us, we will do a quick review of it. We will then set up a time for an adult in your household to come meet the pet you have applied for.

Step 3:
If the meeting has gone well and the pet seems like it will be a good fit for your household, we will then set up a day and time for a home visit. Please do not be worried! The visit is not meant to judge the cleanliness of your home. A home visit is to ensure that human and furry members all get along and that there are no safety concerns for the animal (for example, a pet that likes to dig but your fence isn't secure at the base). Once a home visit has been scheduled the pet will no longer be adoptable to anyone else.

Step 4:
The home visit! If you have other animals and we need to do a dog to dog meet, then we will have two of our representatives take the dogs on a short walk where they will be allowed to gradually get closer and become introduced. If there are no significant worries, we will move to your back yard to let them play and interact off leash. If you do not have a fenced yard we will need to meet at another fenced in area for big dogs, or do the meet inside for little dogs. Once assured that the animals have gotten along we can move on to any questions or concerns your family or our representative might have before going over the adoption contract.

Step 5:
This step means you are adopting one of our fur-babies! Once the contract is signed, we will collect the adoption fee for the pet. We take cash, check, or we can process an electronic payment to our campaign. Our adoption fee's are as follows:

Under 1 year $150
1yr to 5yr $125
5yr to 9yr $100
8yr + $75
(65+ senior for senior $50)

Under 1 year $75
1yr-5yr $65
5yr to 9yr $55
9yr + $45
(65+ senior for senior $35)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets