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Our Mission

Cause for Paws Fl is a small group of conscientious people in North Broward and South Palm Beach Counties.  We started out by feeding and caring for community cat colonies in our immediate area and expanded to TNR and adoption of kittens and cats.  We ensure that all of our cats, whether in a colony or to be adopted, are healthy and as safe as possible.  Cause for Paws has been solely self funded but we recently became a 501 (c)(3) organization and have started to accept donations.  All donations go towards food for the colonies and medical expenses for the cats.

Adoption Policy

If you have a big heart and a healthy, safe living environment, we would love to have you adopt one of our loving kitties.  We expect that all of our adoptions will always live with you and always inside your home.  All vaccinations must be kept up to date and you must ensure the cat or kittens safety by transporting it in a carrier.  Our adoption fees are $75.00 for a spayed/neutered vaccinated kitten.  Adult cat adoption fees are based on what medical expenses they have incurred.  Our fees only partially cover their medical expenses.  You will be asked to complete an adoption form and asked to keep us updated on the kits progress in your care.

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Recommended Pets