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No Dog Forgotten

Palm Harbor, FL

Our Mission

Making a difference, one set of paws at a time. No Dog Forgotten is dedicated to improving the lives of animals and humans in our community through as many means as possible including rescue and rehome, medical care, behavioral support and training, partnerships with shelters and food banks, and direct support to individuals in need.

Adoption Policy

We begin by asking any potential adopter a series of generalized questions. If they have a specific individual already in mind, we may include questions related to that individual. If we feel they are an appropriate home, we will contact them via phone to discuss which animals may be the right fit for their family (or discuss the specific individual). Great care is taken to discuss any on-going medical or behavioral support that may be needed in the home. If the potential adopter and our rescue feel it is a good fit, we conduct meet and greets between all family members and any other dogs in the home. If these meet and greets go well, we will screen the household in person as a final step during the in-home drop off meet and greet session. For dogs who will need continued medical or behavioral support, the vet or trainer may be included in one or more of these interactions to establish a relationship. Certain guidelines may also be included in the adoption forms.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets