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Animals Deserving of Rescue Everywhere, Inc.

Orlando, FL

Our Mission

ADORE, Inc. is an animal rescue and welfare organization dedicated to saving, supporting and giving comfort to homeless, at risk, and abused animals, including the medically needy. We maintain and foster core values of compassion, kindness, transparency, honesty, integrity, and responsiveness – to the animals, our partners in rescue and to each other.

Adoption Policy

It shall be the policy of this organization to receive an application for each prospective adoption that instructs and informs the organization about the suitability of the prospective adopter for the animal he or she seeks. It shall be our policy to verify references, including but not limited to the current veterinarian, to ensure appropriate pet parenting in the past; landlord approval, if applicable; and a home inspection. The approval process shall be non-discriminatory, but shall focus on the best interests of the animal, not the desires of the applicant. Decisions will be conveyed in a professional and compassionate manner.

Please note that a vet check will be performed to ensure that all current pets in the home are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines and receiving heartworm preventives(dogs). A landlord check will be performed to ensure that the pet is welcome at your place of residence and a home visit will be performed to ensure that the home is appropriate for the animal that is being applied for. Please complete application on our website!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets