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Our Mission

Quality of Life Rehab & Foster Inc is a grass roots effort to increase the quality of life for all animals. We are especially concerned for those susceptible to entering our shelter systems and those abandoned or injured by run-ins with man. We believe it is important to remember that an animal's quality of life must be put before it's quantity of life.

Adoption Policy

Step 1: Application
follow the link to our application. If you cannot find the link, you can text us at (352)843-6858 for a link

Step 2: References
volunteers will check your references (including veterinary references)

Step 3: Home Visit
if your references look good, volunteers will schedule a home visit (this can often be done by ZOOM or FaceTime)

Step 4: Meet and Greet
we will connect you with the foster family or one of our volunteer adoption coordinators to schedule a meet and greet and a location that works for everyone.

***Typically, our adoption fees are as follows:
Cats: $100
Special needs cat $150
Lg Dogs: $150
Sm Dogs: $250
Puppies: $500
Special needs dog $250
*Pedigree/Purebred animals are set at $500 to discourage flipping

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets