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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and assist pet owners regarding estate planning and emergency planning for their pets, We also rescue and rehome pets orphaned by death or disability of their guardian, and we provide orphaned pets a home at our Pet Life Care Center.

Adoption Policy

We believe that pets are family members so we want to make sure that we try to find the best match of a family and our rescue pets.

1. The first step in our adoption process if for potential adopters complete our adoption application form and submit it to us at

2.  We review all the applications, call the references provided and then call the applicant with any additional questions or to arrange for a home visit.

3.  We visit the potential adopter's home to perform a home check and meet any other family pets to ensure a match between them.

4.  Once the home visit is completed, the adopter signs an adoption agreement and pays the adoption fee, and we take a photo or our new family match.   Welcome to yur new family!

5.  We call within a few days of the adoption to see how things are going and offer support.

6.  In 45-60 days after the adoption, we make another home visit to see the pet in the family environment and ensure that things are going well.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets