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Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue

Naples, FL

Our Mission

Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue was founded to bring "Respect for Rabbits.” We strive to elevate the status of domestic rabbits in our society to the level of other indoor companion animals. Our rescue works with local animal services, community members, and rescue partners to rescue rabbits from abuse, neglect, hoarding, and abandonment. We are dedicated to saving the lives of domestic rabbits through exceptional education, advocacy, and adoption. Come support our mission to help these furry friends find a loving home!

Adoption Policy

We will ask you to fill out an adoption application and have an initial phone interview. We will then set up a time for you to meet some rabbits that might be a good fit for your family, home, and lifestyle. We will request photos of the space within your home where the rabbit will reside and arrange for a short home visit where one of our volunteers will provide a Bunny 101 training. This sets you up for success with your new rabbit friend! Rabbits are not a low maintenance pet and require a 10-14 year commitment. When given the proper environment, they are quiet, fun, and very loving. They make great companions!

You'll notice most of our rabbits are adopted as bonded pairs. Rabbits are highly social and need companionship to keep them healthy and from getting lonely. As human companions, we can only offer them so much. We find having two rabbits is not any more work than one and they are tons of fun to watch together as well! Our adoption fee is $80 for a single or $130 for a bonded pair. All our rabbits are spayed/neutered and litter box trained.

Our rescue does not have a main shelter and instead operates out of a network of foster homes throughout Southwest Florida. We can arrange a day for you to visit one of our homes to meet several rabbits of interest to you.

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