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Our Mission

Born Free Pet Shelter, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a NO-KILL dog rescue that has been operating since 1981. It is located on a 5-acre refuge in the Redlands of South Florida. We are dedicated to providing our dogs with a happy and healthy life while they await their opportunity to a permanent and loving home.

In some cases, Born Free is home and serves as a sanctuary to those dogs that do not have the fortune of getting adopted. We are not funded by the government and for this reason our vet and food bills are very high. We depend largely on monetary contributions from individuals who support our mission. If you believe in our rescue and would like to help us continue with our commitment, please DONATE. Every dollar counts.

We are currently responsible for 100 dogs, ranging from puppies to the elderly. With the help of generous donations. Some of our dogs will live out their days at the shelter, but we have so many that would make wonderful companions if given the chance.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process requires an approved application and/or a home visit prior to finalizing any adoption. An adoption fee will be applied and accepted when the adoption contract is signed. This fee will be used to feed and maintain the animals that are housed at Born Free Shelter. Our dogs are up-to-date with vaccinations. All dogs are sterilized prior to adoption. Dogs that are less than 5 months old will be sterilized by 6 months of age post the adoption with follow up by BFPS and veterinary documentation. Local adoptions are preferred. All adopters will be given pet ownership support.

The adoption fee is $250 for adult dogs, $300 for puppies and pure breeds. This fee includes DHPP vaccine, rabies vaccine, microchip, and sterilization. Fee is not negotiable. A Tax Deductible Donation May Be Made by Check or PAYPAL to Born Free Pet Shelter P.O. BOX 772050, Miami FL 33177

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