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Our Mission

HPR is a National all Breed 501 (C)(3) disaster Relief Nonprofit and NY New Hope partner, which mission is to rescue, rehabilate and rehome homeless animals.
Our goal is that one day we won't have to.

Adoption Policy

1- The first step to adopting an animal after you inquire, is filling our screening application for either cats or dogs.

We at HPR have been adopting out animals for many years, we know that our screening applications are extensive, but we find it very much necessary and are PAW OBLIGATED, to ask the questions we ask in order for adoptions to be a success and for it to be a good match for all humans and animals involved.

2- After your application has been approved, we will make and appointment with you and all family members involved to meet the pet your are interested in adopting.

a- If you are adopting a cat this meeting will take place at our facility or foster home.

b- If you are adopting a dog and if you have another dog already in the household, we will meet with you and all family members involved, this included all 4 legged children as well in a neutral place.

c- If you are adopting a dog after the above meeting takes place, a second meeting will be schedules in your own home.

3- If humans and pet or pets are a match, at this time we require that half of the adoption fee is payed to hold the dog until the adoption is finalized.

4- The final step is a home visit to your home.

We will NOT send an animal anywhere without a home visit done beforehand, please do not ask otherwise.

5- At this time you can pay the rest of the adoption fee and take your new best friend home.

Please Note:

All of our animals are spayed and neutered prior going to a new home please don’t even think about asking for a un-altered pet.

We do not adopt puppies or kittens younger than 12 weeks old.

All of our adoptable pets are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, tested and de-wormed.

We are hesitant to adopt to families who have small toddlers, having said that we had made exceptions to this rule.


We prefer and will give preference to local adoptions vs. out of State.

HPR is a National animal welfare organization, therefore we have pets for you all over the nation, so please check city and state near you.

We do not fly our animals unless is in the cabin escorted by a human.

Please do not ask about sending and animal via cargo.

If you live out of State we can drive the pet to you, if this is the case, each animal is driven personally by transport volunteers, the expenses of the ground transport are also the sole responsibility of the adopter.

We do not charge for transporting the animals, however many volunteers drive great lengths to transport animals to destination, we will kindly ask that you make a donation towards the transport cost.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets