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Cats Exclusive, Inc.

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Our Mission

Cats Exclusive’s mission is to help control the overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia of cats in our community. We combine trendsetting spay/neuter initiatives now established within our own low-cost clinic with the oldest feline adoption center in Broward County. We educate and encourage all aspects of responsible animal care and management.

Cats Exclusive had its beginnings in the winter of 1979 when its founder set about to fill a need. An organization was envisioned, a community group that would be composed of cat lovers earnestly interested in helping all cats everywhere to obtain a healthier, satisfying and worthwhile life. Within such a group there could be no limit to its worthwhile accomplishments.

The purpose and objectives of this organization are of a charitable nature:

To advance in every way possible, promote and encourage kindness, care, and understanding of all cats and all animals.To hold shows for the primary purpose of raising funds in order to care for less fortunate cats and provide for their needs.To support charitable cat organizations and donate funds for the betterment of feline health and well-being.To discourage the de-clawing of cats and discourage the sale or consignment of any cat or kitten to pet shops or any cat to any organization for inhumane research.To encourage neutering and spaying of non-purebred cats and purebred cats of pet quality.To cultivate friendship and common interest among all owners, fanciers,  and breeders of cats.

In 1996, Cats Exclusive, Inc. established the Cats Exclusive Spay/Neuter & Adoption Program (S.N.A.P.), for the purpose of neutering and spaying homeless cats and kittens. Adoptable cats and kittens are kept at our new Adoption Center in Margate. The un-adoptable are released back into their previous environment as healthy cats who can no longer reproduce.The program has been extremely effective in reducing the number of unaltered free-roaming cats in Broward County. We have spayed and neutered over 13,000 cats to date.

Cats Exclusive is proud of its latest achievement. In September 1998, Cats Exclusive opened the first storefront feline adoption center in Broward County. Here, in a clean, healthy, mellow environment, rescued cats and kittens live until they are adopted. People interested in adding a cat to their family can visit the center and spend time with the cats/kittens getting to know them and bonding with them. More than 375 cats were adopted out in our first year.

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