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Our Mission

We are a resting stop for animals saved from bad situations until a forever home is found.
All dogs are being fostered by clients in Blue Waters Recovery House that provides a safe haven for clients to recovery in dignity, to build a solid foundation, and enhance their relationship with God.
Blue Waters Dog Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing large dogs, with a special emphasis on misunderstood breeds like pit bulls. Blue Water Dog Rescue is unique in that it pairs its dogs with fosters and volunteers who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol, thereby allowing the people with addiction who have struggled to take care of themselves in the past build self-esteem, as they learn to take care of something else that needs their love, patience, and discipline- and in turn, dogs who come from complicated backgrounds and have been victims of abuse and neglect, serve a therapeutic purpose with their
caretakers- thereby the dog rehabilitates the foster and the foster rehabilitates the dog. While in our care, we provide the dogs with housing, caring fosters, veterinary care including spay and neuter in order to control the pet population, and training to make them more adoptable while they await placement with an adoptive family. We believe in fighting for the underdog, because we as addicts in recovery know what it’s like to be the ultimate underdog and to triumph over adversity, and believe that our rescues having come from neglect and abuse can do the same.

Adoption Policy

Our goal is to place as many of our rescues as possible in permanent homes. In addition to
promoting our rescues through our Facebook page and our website, potential adopters can meet and adopt our animals through adoption events. We have relationships with two pet stores in particular, Pet Supplies Plus and Pet Supermarket, where we hold adoption events once a month at each store. We would like to hold more adoption events on the weekends and are actively looking for volunteers interested in running adoption events. All animals attending the adoption event are current on their shots and free of any communicable illnesses. Animals should be in our organization and healthy before they are allowed to attend an adoption event. We generally require that all animals attending an adoption event behave well in unfamiliar areas and can co-exist with other animals. We diligently post all of our rescues on our Facebook page to promote them, and bring poster boards with their pictures and information to all of our events, which ensures exposure for the dogs that otherwise would not make it to Blue Waters Dog Rescue adoption events.

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