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A Better Life - Pet Rescue

Maitland, FL

Our Mission

A Better Life – Pet Rescue, Inc. helps to promote the adoption of rescued animals throughout Central Florida. We believe that every animal deserves a second chance through rescue and rehabilitation.

In doing so, we know by working with our community we can give pets a chance at A Better Life.

Our mission is to rescue animals from unfortunate situations and empower members of the community to foster animals until the pet is ready for placement in their forever home. We work with a few foster homes who take in animals that are neglected, abused and in desperate need of help. We will also work with families who have chosen to rehome their pet if they are willing to foster until the best home is found. We are all volunteers who believe that no matter how small a group, you can always make a difference.

We started rescuing and rehoming pets in January 2005, where we have rescued over 2,500 animals in loving and permanent homes over the years! We go the extra mile to ensure that the pets we rehome go to their forever families. We believe it is important that the animals who we take in, never end up back in the shelter or on the streets again.

Adoption Policy

Please fill out an adoption application at so you can potentially meet the adoptable pet you are interested in.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets