Paws Crossed, Inc.


Our Mission


Our mission, always, is to aid in the Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Placement of Abandoned, Abused, Neglected and Homeless dogs in Southwest Florida.
We promote Adoption of Shelter Dogs and Strive to Rescue as well as assist other Rescues and Transports as a Partner in an effort to pull dogs from Shelters that regularly Euthanize due to issues with space.
We advocate responsible ownership, education, and owner awareness emphasizing the importance of Spay and Neuter for all dogs and cats regardless of breed.
We are devoted to positively changing the public’s perception of the misunderstood Bully breeds.
We will never stop working to End Breed Specific Legislation.

Company Overview
We are a 501(c)(3) Florida Non Profit Organization.
We are all unpaid volunteers dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of dogs.

We specialize in training and rehabilitating dogs used for Bait Dogs and Fight Dogs and we take on most medical conditions.
We foster in a private home environment and provide all medical, nutritional, behavioral, and emotional care and support needed to get dogs originally slated for death into loving forever homes. 
We operate solely on public donations and are currently seeking foster homes.
We are always accepting donations of animal supplies including, but not limited to blankets, towels, dog food, beds, toys, collars/leashes, kennels/crates, laundry detergent, nail clippers, and grooming equipment/supplies.
We provide all animals in the rescue with all regular vaccines, behavior modification when needed, routine preventatives (hw/flea), medical care/treatment, and sterilization prior to adoption into a permanent home. We are also seeking monetary donations as well. The average initial cost for vetting one animal in our rescue is $200 and that does NOT include the cost of additional medical issues/needs. Monthly prevention for heartworm and fleas is an additional $30-$40 per dog monthly.
We need donations in order to properly take care of all of our rescues. Please donate if you can. NO donation is too small.
For any questions, or to obtain an adoption or foster home application, please contact the rescue director at:
Donations for our organization will be accepted through our
Secure PayPal account:

Thank you so much for your support!!!

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Adoption Policy

Paws Crossed Adoption Process

Start by submitting your adoption application on our website at

If your application is approved we will arrange a meet and greet. If that goes well we will offer you a trial adoption period with your potential new pet. Adopting a new pet is a commitment for the lifetime of your new dog! We like to make sure that your new dog is a good fit for your entire family including your existing pets. After a trial adoption period if you are ready to commit we will finalize your adoption. Adoption Fee will be due at that time.

All puppy (6 months or younger) adoption fees will be $200, any adults (7 months or older) will be $150. This fee covers our cost of vetting. All dogs will come current on age appropriate vaccines, hw tested, spayed/ neutered, and micro-chipped.

If your new dog is too young to be spayed or neutered you will be required to sign a
Spay/Neuter Agreement Contract and we will provide that at an appropriate age.

**Please be advised that all applicants must be 21 years old or older**

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets