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Our Mission

To rescue, protect, and advocate for the safety and care of domestic rabbits.

Adoption Policy

If you are interested in adopting one of our rabbits, please begin an application at

Rabbits that are sterilized prior to adoption are considered full adoptions. Rabbits that are not yet sterilized due to age or health concerns are considered "pre-adoptions".

-Adoption Fees-
Adoption - $130
Bonded Pairs $140
Special Needs - $55

-Adoption Policies-
Rabbits are a 10–15 year commitment pet, and all possible adopters should acknowledge this. Rabbits adopted from NFRR must live indoors primarily. (We do recommend exercise pen or free roam but do not require this.) All rabbits must be fed a diet of 80% hay, 10% veggies, and 5% rabbit pellets. Regular grooming and yearly RHDV2 vaccinations are required for all rabbits. If a rabbit is not sterilized at the time of your adoption, your adoption will be subject to the pre-adoption policy as well as these adoption requirements.

-Pre-Adoption Policy-
Once the pre-adoption is finalized you are able to take your rabbit home with a sterilization appointment scheduled and paid for by our rescue. You will be required to attend this appointment with your rabbit and provide post operative care following the vet's instruction. If you miss this appointment you will be required to schedule and pay for your own sterilization appointment within 60 days (documented proof required) or return your rabbit to the rescue, with your adoption fee forfeited.

We schedule sterilizations in Orange Park, FL depending on availability. If you do not wish to travel to these locations to attend the surgery, you will be able to adopt the rabbit with proof of a scheduled sterilization surgery at your own vet's office. We will follow up on each sterilization appointment and if this surgery is cancelled or not completed, the rabbit will need to be returned to our rescue immediately.

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