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Our Mission

Non-Profit 501c3 Feral Cat & Stray Rescue Shelter for Socialization, Relocation, and adoption. It is our mission to rescue cats in need from animal cruelty, dangerous areas, medical post op, and those scared in need of socialization, adoption, and barn cats for relocation. It is also our mission to determine the cats that need indoor homes & are not safe outdoors through shelter/home evaluations, providing them more time, and providing, in our opinion, the best home for the cat(s) to be in based on their behavior & personalities.

Adoption Policy

We would like to phone interview all adopters so that they know and understand the cat(s) that they will be adopting and to ensure all cat(s) are being placed in a home that they will thrive in for the rest of their lives. We have an adoption application that needs to be filled out & adoption fee. We can arrange an appointment for a personalized meet & greet of the cat prior to adopting.

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