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Candace's Pack Dog Rescue

Gainesville, FL

Our Mission

We will rescue shelter dogs 3 ways:

Physically: Dogs who have been abandoned or surrendered to kill shelters.

Mentally: Using dog psychology through exercise, mental stimulation and affection. Using a wide range of structured, pack oriented, socialization and behavior modification activities.

Permanently: Our goal is to match the energies of the dog and adopter to create forever lasting relationships.

We will strive to:

Educate: Staff, volunteers, dog owners and potential adopters about the importance of how dogs communicate with us and each other so that unwanted behaviors can be addressed before becoming a problem. We will take advantage of all platforms including but not limited to social media, blogs, online videos, in person seminars, pack walks and group activities.

Create Relationships: With local rescues, shelters, vets, groomers, animal control, law enforcement as well as behaviorists and trainers so that we can collaborate and make a bigger impact on animal welfare in the community. We will also create outside relationships through social media and online sources for the benefit of public education and animal welfare.

Practice: Calm and confident leadership so that all dogs at our rescue will achieve balance and pay it forward by helping new pack members achieve balance.

Adoption Policy

Once an adopter shows interest in a dog, an application is sent to be filled out.
Upon completion of the application, we schedule a phone call to discuss the dog in detail as well as the adopters current home situation and lifestyle.
If a lifestyle match seems like a good fit, a psychology and behavior report is emailed to the adopter so that they can get details and any history we have on that dog. If the adopter is still interested, they are invited to come to the property for a practice training session where we analyze the energy and talk about the importance of leadership. If all goes well, the adopter will pay an adoption fee of $295 and sign our adoption contract. We will then arrange for the dog to be transferred.

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