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Off The Streetz Bully Rescue

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our Mission

1. To rescue, have/find foster care and adoption of homeless, abandoned, mistreated dogs, including but not limited to Pit Bulls, large breed dogs.
2. To educate the public on the importance of rescue, over-breeding/backyard breeding, spay and neuter, and spread awareness on the realities of over population, statistics of euthanasia rates in animal shelters, dog homelessness, abuse and neglect.
3. Run a website and social media group for rescue, foster care and raise money for dogs in need and other organizations in need of donations.
4. Fundraisers that not only raise money but bring people together and attract more interest and information about rescue to the public.
5. Goals are to build and run a shelter in the future. Serve as foster based rescue for the time being. Fundraisers, volunteers and donations to aid in the rescues we currently have; which allows us to bring in more.
6. To be the sole caregivers to these dogs by whatever means necessary; rehabilitation, home care, veterinary care, treatment, training, providing fosters. To do all that is necessary for the operation of a shelter. At all costs, find homes for dogs who have been rejected, hurt, neglected, mistreated, harmed and abandoned. Aiding in placement into homes where there will be compatibility assessments, screening and home checks along with an agreement that is to be signed prior to adoption as to ensure the animals future safety.

Adoption Policy

Adopting is a serious responsibility. A dog could live for 10 to 20 years. Each pet has its own personality and preference that you can help shape through love and continuous training. A dog makes considerable demands on your time, resources and finances. In some cases, these expenses can exceed $1,000 a year. Do you feel that you are capable of providing these things for the remainder of this dogs life at this time?

Fill out an application, if we feel it is a good fit you will move on to meeting the dog and if everything checks out we move onto the contract and adoption fees.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets