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Our Mission

The mission of Rachel's Rescue is to save all the things.
"Never tell me the odds" - Han Solo & me

step 1: rescue all the animals (ongoing)
step 2: become 501c (completed!)
step 3: rule the world (in progress)

Adoption Policy

The adoption process is as follows: a meet is scheduled in the pets current foster home if adopter is in driving distance. If not, I have before sent videos of the pet of interest until the adopter was comfortable moving forward (If the application is approved I don't mind offering transport for the pet). If that goes well the adopter can fill out an application there and leave it with me to review. You will not be able to take the pet home that day, all pets are dropped off. On the application there is a list of requested items for you to have pending drop off. You can send me pictures of the requested items and pending approval, we schedule a drop off day and adoption fee is due that day. I will also be bringing with me whatever medical records I have for the pet in question.

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Recommended Pets