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Duette Animal Rescue Team, Inc

Duette, FL

Our Mission

DART was founded in 2020 in Duette in Manatee County after learning about the plight for exotic pets held in captivity and lack of understanding of the care they need as wild animals. We support causes that advocate for conservation of these species in the wild in their native countries. DART is a volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing former domestic and exotic pets such as prosimians and cats with behavioral challenges. By working with a network of zoo's, private owners, zoo staff volunteer advocates, foster caregivers, local veterinarians, trainers and shelters, DART strives to rescue animals and provide these animals with behavioral rehabilitation and care as follows:

Adoption Policy

Adopters will have to fill out an application and questionnaire at All cats must be kept indoors and we do require a house visit to ensure that statements on paper match the environment that the cat will be in. Filling out an application does not guarantee the person can adopt the animal. If a person is renting their residence, we must have proof of pet deposit and authorization by landlords to have pets on the premises.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets