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Sylvester's Mission, Inc.

Coral Springs, FL

Our Mission

Reduce the overpopulation of homeless and community cats and ensure the well being of all cats. To achieve this goal by:

1- To promote the importance of spaying and neutering and assist others with referrals to low cost spay/neuter programs, and low cost veterinary care. This includes educating the public about TNVR-trap, neuter, vaccinate, return; providing TNVR services, tools, and assistance.

2- To raise awareness and acceptance of community cats and TNVR.

3- To provide necessary veterinary care including seeking euthanasia when deemed necessary to end an animals suffering.

4- To provide foster homes for socialization of adoptable cats and kittens.

5- To match rescued animals with permanent adoptive homes.

6- To build and maintain a network of rescue groups and shelters around the country that have the capacity to receive and place adoptable cats/kittens.

7- To put a stop to animal abuse and irresponsible breeding.

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